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Author Topic: Suggested features that CiteGenie can not do or that have been rejected.  (Read 8258 times)
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« on: February 29, 2008, 01:54:00 PM »

Before suggesting a new feature, please check this list of features that have already been suggested, but simply can't be done, or that have have been considered and rejected for various reasons.

Short form subsequent cites.
CiteGenie does not know if the source you are quoting from has already been cited earlier in your document and could be cited with a shorter form.

Change case of first letter of quoted text
CiteGenie does not know if you will paste the quotation at the beginning of a sentence or not, so it is unable to know if the first letter of the quotation should be converted to uppercase or lowercase.

Detecting En Banc opinions
In some states, such as Texas, en banc opinions are clearly designated and CiteGenie will detect it.  In other states, there is no such designation -- you basically have to count the number of judges signing the opinion -- and CiteGenie can not do that.

Detecting Dissenting opinions
Some courts have uniform ways of denoting the start of a dissenting opinion and CiteGenie will detect it.  Other courts use different variations of language denoting the start of a dissenting opinion, and while CiteGenie will detect many of them, it can't detect them all.  In addition, some citations or text in a majority opinion, can appear to CiteGenie like the start of a dissenting opinion.  Finally, it is not possible for CiteGenie to reliably detect the names of the justices who dissented.  That is why CiteGenie only warns you that the text you copied may be from a dissenting opinion -- it is not 100% certain, and you have to enter the name(s) of the justices dissenting on your own.

Subsequent history
There is nothing on the Westlaw screen that can be used by CiteGenie to determine what subsequent history, if any, a case has.  You have to Shepardize or key-cite cases yourself.

State-Specific issues
  • Georgia - "Whole Court" designations - While some opinions for the Georgia Corut of Appeals are designated "Whole Court" and that designation is properly stated as a parenthetical after the citation, like "en banc", there is nothing in the text of those opinions in Westlaw that denotes the "whole court" designation.

Put Authors' last name first
APA, MLA, and Chicago citation styles put the author's last name first.  While CiteGenie could reverse the author's first and last names in simple cases, it would be hopelessly lost with many names.  (Think about names like "Oscar de la Hoya" and "Susan St. James", not to mention institutional authors such as "Bureau of Labor Statistics.")  For that reason, CiteGenie leaves the author's name exactly as it finds it, so ambiguities can be resolved by the user. 

HOWEVER, there is one situation where reversing the author's names automatically is fairly safe -- simple two word names, like "John Smith."  CiteGenie could reverse the names when simple two-word names are encountered, and make an educated guess for other names, and pop-up a confirmation window for the user to hand-correct the name if it appears wrong.  So "John Smith" will be "Smith, John" and CiteGenie will proceed.  "Jill St. James" will be "James, Jill St." and a dialog will pop up allowing the user to correct "James, Jill St." to "St. James, Jill."  The value of this procedure would be the (majority??) of the time author names are simple two word names, so the user will not be interrupted.  I'm interested in user opinions on this issue.

Correct the case of Authors' names
Some web sites (like the have the ANNOYING format convention of printing the authors' names in ALL CAPS.  While CiteGenie could try to fix this, there would always be some names that it would get wrong.  (Think about names like "Oscar de la Hoya" and "John D. MacDonald.") For that reason, CiteGenie leaves the author's name exactly as it finds it, so ambiguities can be resolved by the user.

LexisOne support
Because LexisOne does not provide pinpoint page numbers to official reporters, we have decided not to support LexisOne at this time.

WestlawNext support
As of version 0.5.8.x and later, CiteGenie has preliminary support for WestlawNext. 
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« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2010, 06:42:56 AM »

Preliminary WestlawNext support has been added to the latest beta.
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